Friday, December 28, 2012

100 Day Hustle Re-Cap

Hello all!  I am finally lifting my head out of the Christmas coma and getting back to my blog. Can't believe it's the end of 2012, whew!  So, it's also time to report on my 100 Day Hustle goes:

1.  Quilt for the hubs - finished the quilt top, assembled the quilt back.  Just need to get it basted, quilted, finished.  This sucker is going to take me forever to quilt, but that's okay!

This quilt is huge!

2.  Finish my EPP quilt - nothing got done on this one.  I tabled it because I am still undecided.  I have a feeling I will be machine quilting this one, but am scared to start.

3.  New Christmas stockings and placemats - well I finished the stockings but not the placemats.  I just ran out of time for that! And I forgot to take a pic of the stockings before packing up all of the Christmas decorations the day after this year....oh yeah, last year it was Feb, this year day after!

4.  Piece my Single Girl quilt - DONE!!  this is a slight change in plans since I discovered that I get too cold at night to sleep under a quilt.  I love them for the couch and to sleep with, but need more warmth in bed!  I paper-pieced this one with Anna Maria Horner's Loulouthi line (with a few more AMH fabrics added) and Kona Pepper for the solid.  I ♥ it!!

5.  Christmas quilt, with Brrr fabric - quilt top pieced!  Again, meant for this to be a queen quilt, but opted for lap size after all.  Debating adding grey borders or not.

Removed from the list:

1.  Baby quilt for new niece/nephew - this will be postponed due to my SIL miscarrying at 13 weeks.
2.  Project for Out to Sea fabric - I know what pattern I like, but am waiting to finish some things first!

So, I currently have 5 quilt tops that need to be finished before I start anything else!!  I'm much better at starting projects than finishing them, ugh.  One of my New Year's resolutions is to finish all my unfinished projects before starting anything new :o)

I'm linking up with Kelsey at Kelsey Sews!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Ruffle Pouch Addiction

So, I cannot believe it's been 2 weeks since I last posted anything?? wha???  This month is whipping by and I cannot keep up.  I am so excited I have a whole week off next week to spend with the hubs and my girlies!!  We have a few little things planned, but mostly just to chill and enjoy the time together.

Work has been hectic...I recently got a promotion and with that a ton of added responsibilities.  It's nice on one hand and hard on the other.  I'm thankful for my job, it funds my  fabric addiction  hobbies, ahem!  I am trying to be good, but it's so hard with all the lovely fabric coming out, gah, kill me now.

Some fun stuff I have been working on lately is little pressies for my girlies.  They are always in need of chapstick, pencils, pens, etc so I made them each a ruffle pouch for their stuff.  I am going to fill their stockings with all kinds of goodies to put in them to keep in their backpacks.  I may be more excited about it than they will be :o)  Sorry for the crappy phone photos...if you follow me on instagram, you've already seen these (sqragan).

 I made this one for me...because I ♥ AMH fabric!!
 this one is for Emma
this one is for Dayna

There are several more ruffly goodies I made up for them and need to get a photo of...cannot wait for Christmas!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

WIP Wednesday

This week has been productive, but crazy!!  Both of my girlies got a horrible stomach bug erasing our whole weekend's plans....but that's okay ♥ Sick kiddos sometimes translates into lots of cartoons and a quilty weekend :o)  I basted 2 quilts, the baby chevron and the spiderweb Chicopee quilts.  I am working on putting together the back to Branson's quilt and getting that sucker moving along.  LOTS of work to do there.

I also started working on my Brr quilt blocks.  I ♥ these polar bears!  I have about 4-8 more to go (haven't decided how big I really want to make it yet), but am enjoying working on it a few blocks at a time.  I've had these pieces cut out for a while, just haven't put them together until this weekend.

Such adorable polar bears!!

Ongoing WIP List:

1.  Groove quilt for husby - quilt top DONE! Need to baste, quilt, bind (whew)
2.  EPP quilt - no progress
3.  Christmas stockings and placemats - no progress
4.  Single Girl - no progress, but saving this one for the week of Christmas break!
5.  Brrr quilt - 12 of 16-20 blocks done 
6.  Out to Sea - pattern decided

I'm linking up to Lee's at Freshly Pieced:

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced
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