Monday, February 16, 2015

True Love

I thought I knew what true love was....that is until my daughters were born. When my daughter Emma was born, she was whisked away from me right away.  I was in labor for so long with her that there was meconium involved and they needed to take care of that right away.  But as soon as she rested her head on my chest and I kissed her squishy little face, true love took over my heart.

The last almost 12 years have been full of ups and downs but my daughters teach me daily how to have true love for others.  It's present in everything, from cooking dinner for them, cleaning up the kitchen, sharing a movie together, singing my daughter to sleep at night (Dayna's 9 and still requests this every night).

True love is not high and mighty, a lofty trait we have that is shared with a select few.  It is lowly and humble, demonstrated instead of declared.  It is why we do what we do each day.  True love is the reason behind all the things we do, menial tasks to some, but full of love for others.

It's why I make quilts for others, every stitch full of love, thinking of the person for whom it is intended.

Valentine's Day this year was amazing.  I can't say there isn't a deep hole in my heart still, one that gets smaller by the day, but still causes pain.  But you just focus on the good, keep moving forward.  That's all you can do.  I celebrated Valentine's Day with my 2 true loves, my daughters.  We went to IHOP for breakfast, had pedicures together (girls also got manicures), and then did a little shopping.  It was a perfectly wonderful day. My daughters are the loves and joy of my life.  I am so thankful for them, thankful I get to be their mama.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Glam Clam WIP

This quilt...swoon!!  I love it!  The way it comes together is quick and painless.  The cutting is the most pain-staking process.

Here is the quilt girlies had to stand on our tall dining room chairs so I could get a full picture. Emma is my photo bomber!  I love the colors, the pattern, just everything about it.  I finally got it basted and am working on the quilting.  That will take a while.....

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