Monday, January 28, 2013

Feeling Productive!

This weekend we had a dusting of snow and freezing temperatures which means NC goes on total lockdown.  Schools shut down, people are buying mass quantities of milk and bread, and it's mayhem on the freeway.  I have lived in many places, one being Idaho so this panic makes me laugh!!  I can pretty much count on one hand during my entire high school years there that we closed school due to snow.  Oh well!  The days at home were a God-send.  Friday I worked from home, and all activities on Saturday were cancelled.  I didn't get out of my jammies all day long.  I think we all just needed a break from the busy-ness.  I love the fun stuff my girlies do, but it wears me out!

So, as part of the long weekend, I was able to finish up this baby quilt!!  I ♥ this fabric!  I ended up using a double layer of batting, since sometimes baby quilts double as playmats.  I thought it would give it some extra cushion.

I was also able to finally finish the quilt top of the Scrappy Trip Along!  This has turned out to be not-my-favorite, although I have seen so many that I just adore.  The best part is all the DS fabric mixed together.  So now to get it ironed, basted, and quilted.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Another Quilt Top...

Finally finished this quilt top...and I cannot believe I have added yet another top to the pile of unfinished projects!!  I am NOT making another quilt top until I get some of these finished up!!  This quilt is intended as a baby gift, and I sure hope I can get it finished in time.  This pattern is just one of my faves.  I have had this fabric for so long, waiting for the perfect project :o)

The rest of the WIP list includes:

1.  Branson's Groove quilt - need to get it basted, quilted, bound
2.  spiderweb chicopee quilt - needs to be quilted and bound
3.  AMH single girl quilt - needs to be basted, quilted, bound
4.  scrappy trip along - finish piecing, etc...  this one is not a priority right now!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Katie Jump Rope....Yep, Another Project Started!

Things have been quiet here on the ole blog, but since Christmas, life has been crankin!  I just got back from 5 days in Miami on business....worked my tail off and spend about 5 hours in South Beach on our last day there.  Can't believe I had my feet in the water on the beach in January!!

I decided to finally dig into my Katie Jump Rope fabric I have been hoarding  saving.  I love this fabric!!  I wanted to make another Single Girl quilt, baby-sized.  Had to add in some extra fabrics for all the pieces, but I think it all looks really well together!  I paper-pieced all the curves pieced and now I need to get the rest put together.  I think I am going to use this grey fabric for the background...hoping it doesn't look weird with the browns.

Anyway, hope everyone is having a great week!

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