Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Another Quilt Top...

Finally finished this quilt top...and I cannot believe I have added yet another top to the pile of unfinished projects!!  I am NOT making another quilt top until I get some of these finished up!!  This quilt is intended as a baby gift, and I sure hope I can get it finished in time.  This pattern is just one of my faves.  I have had this fabric for so long, waiting for the perfect project :o)

The rest of the WIP list includes:

1.  Branson's Groove quilt - need to get it basted, quilted, bound
2.  spiderweb chicopee quilt - needs to be quilted and bound
3.  AMH single girl quilt - needs to be basted, quilted, bound
4.  scrappy trip along - finish piecing, etc...  this one is not a priority right now!


  1. Did you design this yourself or is it from a pattern? I love it!

  2. It is so pretty! Love the background fabric!

  3. It looks great! My Single Girl has been sitting in a box for two years. It's the next thing on my list...hopefully.

  4. Gorgeous! I am planning on using your idea of foundation piecing the single girl pattern for my Madrona Road quilt - thanks for the inspiration!

  5. I see you have scrappy trip along on your list- I'm so tempted to do one as well!

  6. What a beautiful quilt top! Makes me want to start another project... :)

  7. I have no clue how you did the circles, but they are too cool!
    It would be interesting to know if you keep to your word about not starting another quilt top until you finish up the tops in your pile LOL
    I am having a hard time not starting quilt tops until I finish up some of the projects I already have started!


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