Sunday, December 4, 2011

California Girl

This month is blurring by...again.  I want it to slow down!  Saturday we took the girls to Disney on Ice...oh my word, so much fun!!  This week, I had to go to San Francisco for some training for work. When I told my girls I was going, they cried....a lot.  Emma's first thoughts were, "but who's gonna check my homework??" So cute!  I'm from California, so I feel like I am totally at home.  I love it here!!  Watching the sun set on the ocean is just awesome!!  I am definitely a California girl :o)

Anyway, here I am at 5:30 in the morning, pacific time, wide awake.  The jet lag always kicks my tail, especially coming back home to the east coast. Not looking forward to that one!  When I went through airport security yesterday, I had to go through the big x-ray machine.  I really thought at any moment I was going to teleport to another dimension!  It's circular shaped, and the x-ray thingy spins around...very sci-fi.  Then after I got x-rayed, I had to get a pat down.  It was a little disturbing...especially when they started squeezing my hair and patting my head.  Really?  I have huge hair, but hello, really??  What exactly am I going to p up there?  I guess you can't be too careful, but I thought it was a little over the top!  The flight yesterday was pretty uneventful, except I am pretty sure airplanes just keep getting smaller and smaller!  I sat on the aisle and got brushed by every larger bottom that came my way.  So much fun!

In crafty news, I started a new hand-piecing project so that I could take it with me on the flight, not an easy task when you have to keep elbows inside your little seat. I haven't gotten very far...but I love this project!!  It's pretty much going to take me forever to finish, but that's okay.  The fabrics are a random assortment...the quilt shop was having a great sale on fat quarters!!  I am hoping to work on it a lot on this trip!!


  1. Are planes getting smaller or are booties getting bigger? Hmm...

    Have a great trip!

  2. My very first quilt was this block pattern! It's not pretty colors though! Be safe, have fun, love you girl!


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