Friday, February 15, 2013

Quilted Workout Bag

I was browsing on Pinterest one day this week....and found this awesome comic!!

See? There is a good side to being married to a quilter!

Of course, my first thought was of the workout bag I made over Christmas break and never posted about!  So, I thought I would share that 2 months later....better late than never :o)  I wanted a cute workout bag that was big enough to fit an entire outfit, shoes, towel, mini bag for hygiene products, and anything else I might need.  I have seen so many quilt as you go bags, so that was the method I used...and I have TONS of scraps to choose from.  I just wanted it to be huge with lots of my fave fabrics.  It measures about 20 inches tall, by 22 inches wide and is enormous.  It fits everything I can imagine with room to spare!

Now if only I looked so cute after I worked out!


  1. That cartoon is way too cute! I really love your workout bag too :0)

  2. It is gorgeous! At least it will make you smile when you finish working out!

  3. I bet you do look awesome after your workout sportin' such a cute "designer" bag like this. You must be positively glowing! lol Jane


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