Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Trip to Denver - Fancy Tiger Crafts

So, I'm about a month-ish late in posting this, but such is life!  I had to go to Denver, CO, for work toward the end of January.  My first thought was how cold it would be and my second thought was I HAVE to find a quilt shop there.....and get a You Are Here mug from Starbucks. Priorities, people!

We stayed at a lovely downtown hotel within walking distance to almost anything you could want!  The weather was in the 70s and very dry.  I had several bloody noses while there.  TMI?

I researched online to find an adorable quilt shop "not far" from the hotel....or "within walking distance"....not so much.  It was totally worth the 5 mile walk.

On our 5 mile walk to the shop, we walked by all kinds of typical downtown locations, including the capitol building.  Isn't it gorgeous!!   

Fancy Tiger Crafts is half quilt shop and half yarn shop.  The yarns were gorgeous...made me wish I could knit or crochet better!  I would love to take a class on how to make a granny square afgan. Until then, I will have to content myself with You Tube videos!

The shop was absolutely adorable.  I didn't even get a pic of all the fabrics.  I was overwhelmed by the funky decor and amazing quilts on the walls.  I didn't want to look like a total tourist, so I only snapped a few photos.  

This quilt is definitely going on my to-do list!!  What a great use for larger print fabrics!

If you are ever in Denver, definitely look up Fancy Tiger Crafts!  I did manage to buy a little fabric, prints I haven't been able to find in Raleigh/Durham.  They don't provide bags, so make sure you either don't mind, bring your own, or prepare to spend $6 on a bag.  I wish we had a shop like this in downtown Durham, although I would probably spend way too much time and money!

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  1. I'm so glad you found FT while you were in town- they're truly a local gem. They went bagless one or two years ago... which can be a surprise if you're not local.


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