Saturday, January 22, 2011

Happy New Year!!

I'm only 3 weeks behind....but Happy New Year!  It seems like the holidays completely whizzed by without time to really stop and take it all in.  I had a wonderful time with my family.  My girls were just so much fun to watch on Christmas morning, too!  They are still young enough to believe in Santa and it just added to the magic of the day.  Of course, we always read the Christmas story from Luke 2 and bake a birthday cake for annual tradition in our home.  I honestly hope that my children always believe in Santa, although I know one day they will know the truth. 

As for Sweet and Sassy, I am so thankful for its success!  I love what I do and love meeting the people that I come in contact with on Etsy!  I have added so many new items, and have a desk-ful of goodies to photograph, but haven't had the time to do it!  I am hoping to post some tutorials as well for those of you interested in creating your own goodies!  Stay posted and Happy 2011!

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