Friday, February 25, 2011

Last Friday Giveaway and the Tooth Fairy!

I want to start hosting a giveaway every Last Friday of the month....and going to start today!  I am hosting a giveaway on Sweet and Sassy Boutique's Facebook page for a pair of flower shoe clips....I know I say this all the time, but I so wish I had thought of these when my girls were smaller!!  I hope you stop by, like my page, and leave a comment to win.  The winner will be announced tonight at 9 EST.

I'm not sure how people feel about reading and commenting on blogs...I am going to use mine as a diary of my life as a wife, mother, business owner, and everything else in between.  I have met so many great people from commenting on their blogs, so please don't hesitate to comment if you'd like :o)  

My "baby" (who turned 5 in September, lol!) lost her first tooth this week.  She swallowed it with her lunch at school and was so excited for her first Tooth Fairy experience!  I know some people don't do Santa or the Tooth Fairy, but we do and my kids LOVE it.  

Dayna's letter to the Tooth Fairy!
I don't think they will be scarred for life when they find out it's make believe.  Anyway, she put her tooth in the her Tooth Fairy pillow and I painted up some dollar bills with glitter paint to leave her.  I have to admit, I was a little sad that my baby has passed into this next stage of her life.  I want to push the pause button as hard as I can and just enjoy these times for a little longer!!  I have enjoyed each stage, but so far the age my girls are now has been my favorite (I think I say that for each stage!).  I hope we always stay a close-knit family....I love them so much!!

Emma (7 yrs) and me...hate pics of myself!!
This is Dayna (in the headband) with one of my best friend's little girl!!  They are such good friends and I love how they get to grow up together!!


  1. aw, so wonderful that she lost her first tooth! I remember when you were preggo with her! :(

    Since I'm not on the FB anymore, I miss keeping up with you - but I have a blog now, so please stop by! We need to get together soon - I'd love to learn some flower making tricks from you....and I think likely our kids are still young enough to play well together :) Love you!

  2. Hi! I found you on Etsy and didn't know the best way to contact you. I need a headband for my daughter EXACTLY like the mustard and grey rolled roses one on your page except I need the yellow to be CORAL.

    Is there ANY way you could help me out???

    It's for our family pictures and would be just what I'm needing!

  3. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! I'm with you about the tooth fairy - so cute and innocent when the kids are young. Unfortunately, as soon as my oldest hit kindergarten she figured things out and blew the whole gig! :)
    p.s. your hair bows and head bands are adorable!


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