Saturday, February 12, 2011

Boutique Silk Flowers and Shoe Clips

When I started back to blogging, I had planned to post about 2 times a week...until my whole family got sick!  It has been one health issue after another, but I finally got caught up on orders and have some extra time to create again. 

My newest love is made from a pattern of rose I created myself that makes these amazingly full roses for hair accessories or whatever else you'd like to attach them to.  My pattern is really very easy, but makes something pretty dramatic.  I have been wearing these roses in my hair a LOT lately. 

One of the newest additions to my own Etsy shop is pairs of shoe clips...they are so stinkin' cute!!  I sized down the flower above and attached them to these fabulous clips.  I wish my girls were tiny again!
I am ready for about you!

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