Wednesday, August 15, 2012

14 Years...and Counting!

Today the husby and I celebrate our 14th anniversary!!  We don't usually do anything too big for our anniversary, just out to eat and a gift for each other.  This year, though, we are getting our passports and have put a deposit down to reserve our spots for next June's trip to Europe!!  I am BEYOND excited about it....11 days of European bliss with my sweetie :o)  I CANNOT wait!!!  The only bad thing is that I have put myself on strict fabric-buying diet....I'd rather save it up for Paris *sigh*

Honestly, it's pretty amazing for me to think we've been married for 14 years.  We've been thru so much together, and I just love this man more than I ever have before.  And I'm not just sayin it, either.

So, even though I am on a strict fabric-buying hiatus, my sweetie bought me the FQ set of Lilly Belle for our anniversary...isn't it yummy??  I may or may not have sent him the links to these from Julie's shop on etsy.  I ♥ The Intrepid Thread!!  Now...what to do with it!


  1. Cute! Love the birds!

    Happy anniversary!

  2. happy anniversary, this year was our 7th!
    how can't you love a man that gifts you this amazing fabrics?
    tell me if you're coming to Italy too, I live near Florence! =)

  3. Congratulations! Next friday is our 16th anniversary - I may direct my husband to this post as a clue to what he can get me! Those fabrics are amazing, looking forward to seeing what you decide to do with it.


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