Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fabric Intervention

Why is it that whenever you are trying to NOT spend money and buy more fabric, that is when all the wonderful fabrics come out???  I am trying REALLY hard to not buy anything right now, but I feel my resolve slipping as I see these floating around ~

SALE Denyse Schmidt Chicopee Entire Collection fat quarter bundle
Chicopee by Denyse Schmidt for sale at So Bright Fabric on Etsy

or this one

Madrona Road by Violet Craft for sale at Westwood Acres on Etsy

tying with this one as my FAVES right now

Out to Sea by Sara Jane for sale at Westwood Acres on Etsy

What's a girl to do...except buy them all and pray for an opportunity to use them!!  Just kidding :o)  Seriously, does anyone else collect fabric??  Seems like I buy it and set it aside for that "perfect project" and then it just sits on my shelf in it's pristine bundle-y goodness, like a vintage toy on my husband's shelves...that's for you babe!


  1. I feel your pain!

    I'm lucky, though. The projects I tend to make are small (dolls and things) and I like buying mystery fat quarter bundles, so all these lines that I don't buy could end up in the mystery packs I buy later.

  2. These are just too fabulous.

  3. I'm with you! With Christmas right around the corner, I really try every year to start curbing my crafty spending this time of year, but it's so hard! I caved and bought Chicopee and the Birds and the Bees because they kept calling out to me. I haven't sewed with them yet, but I take them down off the shelf everyday and pet them. So, to answer your question, I do collect fabric. I should probably join a support group, but honestly, I don't want to stop!

  4. The worst part is knowing that if you don't get it RIGHT NOW, you may never be able to get it again! I bought most of the Out to Sea collection and am totally obsessed with it, but am passing on the other two you mentioned for now as to me they're not as unique and so they don't fall into the "I'll cry if I can't get it" category. =)

    I'm planning to cut into the Out to Sea next, as my "easy" project . . . can't wait to see it quilted up!

  5. it makes me sick! i am on such a tight budget right now too! i want it all!!!! have you been tempted by indie or have you seen center city by jay mccarrol? oh heavens!

  6. I've been on a fabric buying ban for a while. Of course, that just means I buy more! fortunately, most of it has been immediately sewn & shipped off. I am saving all of my scraps for a fun project!


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