Sunday, September 23, 2012

100 Day Hustle with Kelsey Sews

Can you believe we are almost done with September??  And that Christmas is really just around the corner??  Whoa.  The past 2 months have been a bit of a whirlwind for father-in-law passed away, I had surgery, my sister and her family moved here from ♥ CA ♥ and are staying with us until they get their feet on the ground, school started back, and I could just go on and on. Work has ramped up, taking more of  my time, causing me to really re-evaluate how I spend my "off" hours at home....cuz we're never really "off" are we??  Most days I really love my job, but all I really want to do is spend my days quilting in my jammies...just bein honest!!

Anyway the purpose of this post is not to glorify my busy schedule (haha!), but to say that sometimes I just need a list, a plan to get the fun stuff done, the stuff that isn't completely necessary to day-to-day life, but is pretty important to my mental health!

Kelsey over at Kelsey Sews is hosting a 100 Day Hustle...because it is officially 100 days till the end of the year (as of yesterday...what's new, I'm behind again)!! This will be a great opportunity to get stuff done!

Kelsey Sews

So here's my to-do list:

1.  Branson-superhero quilt.  My sweet husby has been waiting patiently for a quilt of his own.  This is priority one!
2.  Finish my EPP quilt.  I am still not sure if I want to hand or machine quilt this one but I just need to make a decision and get 'er done!
3.  New stockings and placemats for Christmas for my kitchen
4.  Piece my queen-sized Single Girl quilt...notice I am just planning to have it pieced by then.  No need to get crazy!
5.  Make baby quilt for my new niece or nephew!!  He/She is due in April-ish, but I would sure love to have something done by Christmas!
6.  Make Christmas quilt with my bundle of Brr fabric
7.  Start a new project using my Out to Sea fabric....still mulling that one over.  Depending on the gender of our new family member, #5 and #7 could be combined

Another fun tidbit is I have finally upgraded by well-worn, beloved Blackberry to an iPhone...and I ♥♥♥ it!!!  So I am now on Instagram, because you can't have too much social media :o)


  1. oh good list! i am working on my list right now. :)

  2. Great list - and your life sounds a bit like mine! I'm hoping the 100 day hustle will keep me accountable!

  3. Definitely have to keep our men cosy and happy, kind of like the family dog (rub the belly and he's happy) just kidding ;O)

  4. I too would just like to do jammies and quilts all day!! Can't wait to see all your projects - especially that single girl quilt :) Thanks for joining in!

  5. I want to be quilting in my jammies too! Good luck working through your list!


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