Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Hello 2015!

I cannot believe it's 2015...honestly, wasn't 1990 like 10 years ago??  2014 was a year of change for me and my family and it's time for a new start here as well!

Christmas was great!  We had a nice vacation.  The girls and I spent a whole week together, full of activity and shopping.  I got not one thing done that I had planned, but that's okay!  They went ice skating for the first time.  Made think of the hundreds of times I've been ice skating as a mom would drop us off at the rink inside one of the malls in California and shop for a couple hours, while my sister and I would skate our hearts out.  So many great memories!  I self-taught myself how to skate backwards, spin, all like a total amateur but it was so much fun.  I skated all the time, on the ice or on the pavement.  Didn't matter to me!  My girls don't quite appreciate skinned knees either, their world comes to an end when they fall.  That was part of childhood for me.  Just rub off the blood and dirt and keep going!

Emma and her bff

Dayna...I love how she's standing

 This pic sums up our Christmas break!

We also added a kitty to our family...her name is Granger (after Hermoine Granger from Harry Potter).  She is precious and sooo sweet.  She has one hazel and one blue eye.  I just love her!

Anyway, on to 2015!  I have a few goals for this year.  I plan to get back to blogging!  It won't be as often as I did before, but I like having a record for myself of our moments.  I am truly excited to see what 2015 holds.  2014 was just hard.  My husband and I separated, the girls and I moved twice, and life just kinda grinded to a halt.  My mom came to visit for almost 2 weeks this summer which was absolutely awesome.  I have missed her so much.

But 2015 is a new start...a new year with new possibilities, new opportunities, new challenges.  I am excited!

So now, to quilting!  I have been working on a few things here and there.  Nothing major, but I felt the need for a new bed quilt or 2! The one below is the popular Glam Clam quilt pattern (free on Craftsy) created by Latifah Saafir.  I'm using the 8" clams.  It requires hand cutting over 300 pieces for the queen size.  I had to split that up over a few sessions to not end up with a claw for a hand.  I love the colors and love this pattern.  It is going to be my first finish of 2015.

Yes I still have my tree up, don't judge!!

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