Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Instagram for Crafty People

I hesitate to write this post, but it's been on my mind lately.  Instagram (IG) is so great for crafty people.  Quilters, knitters, crochet, doll makers, everything crafty seems to overflow on IG. It's a place to post your projects instantly, giving that instant gratification of likes and comments that bloggers love.  It's also been an easy way to sell fabric, finished products, etc.  I have done a destash and it was awesome to be able to thin out my stash without the hassle of posting to a site like Etsy.

Some of my favorite hashtags are:


So many hashtags!!

There is so much to see on IG and I have been sucked into a few things myself.  When the hashtag #thegreatfabricdestash first came out, I spent waaay too much money.  I know I bought a ton of Good Folks, some way overpriced.  I had to dial it down when my credit card bill came in the mail! There were some pretty interesting conversations on IG regarding prices of popular out of print fabrics.  Some people were asking outrageous prices...$80-$100 per yard, $20+ per FQ.  It definitely created some bitter feelings, divisions between those who say it's the right of the person selling to ask what they want and the group who thought it was just an abuse and not in the spirit of the quilty community on IG.  There was thread about people who would buy from those selling at a reasonable price, then turning around and selling at a higher price.  After seeing what the destash was doing to people, I took a break from that.  Too much drama.

Another activity I have been sucked into is signing up for swaps.  You get paired with another person, secretly, and make whatever the swap is for.  I have learned that I am not cut out for swaps.  I am terrible at sending things on time.  Between working a full time job away from the house and 2 kids aged 9 and 11, I just can't seem to get ahead of the swap game.  I have 2 more swaps that I still have due in June.  Once those are done, I don't think I will sign up for anymore.

I saw a post on IG yesterday that bothered me a little.  I understand the reasoning behind it, but someone is putting together a list of "bad swapper" and circulating it to swap mamas.  I understand no one likes to get paired with a dud, but it seems mean.  I'm sure my name is on that list.  I have signed up for 2 swaps that I have sent out late.  I personally hate knowing I'm on a bad swappers list because life gets in the way and a package is sent late.  I still communicate with my swap mama and let them know I can't meet the deadlines.  I do understand the commitment before I sign up, but you know how that goes, things will be different this time and I will actually be able to meet my deadline!

Quilting bees-also not my thing.  For whatever reason, I can't seem to meet deadlines!  Again, same problem.  I love the idea, but I'm terrible at follow through.

My conclusion is that work is so much pressure by itself, life runs at the speed of light sometimes and I can barely keep up sometimes.  I don't need the extra stress and fearing I'm gonna end up on a bad list.

I love IG and won't be leaving anytime soon.  But I will be steering clear of the drama and extra pressures and sewing for those I love without the stress!  I have met some pretty incredible friends from IG that I am so thankful for!

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  1. Hi Shanna! I saw your comment on my blog and came over to check yours out too! I agree with a lot of what you say here - but please don't assume you're on the "bad swappers" list. In my experience people who are blacklisted from swaps are those who: 1) don't send at all. 2) lie about sending - and dont' send. 3) stop communicating with the swap mama 4) cause drama in the swap (negativity mostly). For a few years I ran the Doll Quilt Swap on flickr - it's so much work for the swap mamas, but for the most part we're a lenient bunch. The few people on our blacklist list were there because they told us they were close to sending - going to be on time - so close - it's in the mail I swear ---- and then it all comes out that they never even started. Others were those who never reply to swap mama emails - it's impossible to run a swap with swappers who won't communicate. (out list BTW was never ever ever shared - even the ppl on the list were only told they'd have to "sit out a round")

    But times have changed and it's much harder to keep up with people on instagram. Flickr swaps were easier because you had to check in on the discussion threads of the group. This is one reason DQS hasn't had a round in a while -- I'm not confident that a DQS quality swap could happen on instagram easily. The other thing to consider is that many of these swaps are being run by "first time swap mamas" as in they've never hosted a swap before. I'd stick to the tried and true swaps - right now the only one I can think of is the Schnitzel & Boo mini quilt swap. The others are fine... but a little more stressful.

    So i guess what I'm saying is don't give up on swaps all together. Go for one swap at a time (no overlaps), and pick swaps you're really into with hosts who are seasoned at the swap running game. But for sure know when you need a break. I'm itching to do a swap, but I want to join one with clear goals - so I'm waiting for the next Schnitzel & Boo swap.

    Also... I'm going to throw this out there... I met one of my very very best friends by being paired up with her in a swap. :) it's true, swapping has changed my life. :)

    That was quite long winded ... I hope I didn't bore you!


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