Wednesday, January 11, 2012

WIP Wedesnday

I finished my vintage linen quilt top!  I am super excited about it, although there are a few things I'd do differently next time I make this pattern.  Next time, I will use framing diamonds, so I don't have to cut off any of the diamonds!  I will also make it bigger since I am just lovin this design!  I ended up quilting with a large stipple....I just didn't want the quilting to take away from the lovely vintage fabrics that remind me so much of my gramma and great aunt.  They are 2 of my dearest family members, even though my gramma died when I was 15.  She was such a fire cracker, but I loved that lady!!  We went toe-to-toe MANY times, too, for dumb stuff. But I have some wonderful memories of going to her house to spend the day, baking cookies at Christmas, watching Bonanza (snore), and sitting in the living room with her doing her many things.  She taught me how to make hot chocolate with milk (cuz that is the only way it even tastes good!!) and she had a secret language with my great aunt that was so funny to listen to!  I think that's just the way with and my sis are the SAME way!!  Thanks for letting me indulge my nostalgic side...I miss her so much sometimes.

All that to say....the vintage linen quilt is done and I LOVE it! I have oodles of diamonds left over...thinking I need to have a giveaway to share :o)  Also, I am apologizing for the pics in's been raining on and off for a few days and haven't been able to get good pics!

 Close up of the quilting on the back...I used a pale pink for the backing.  

This is a quilt on the design wall for my sweet little niece :o)  Still figuring out how I want to lay out all the HSTs.

These lovely FQs came today!!!  I ordered them from Intrepid Thread on etsy (LOVE Julie, the lady behind the shop, btw) and am planning to make the girls matching bed quilts.  Planning to start after I get Julia's quilt finished!

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  1. I read through a lot of your blog posts, getting a feel for your quilting and all your talents (so many!). The vintage quilt is lovely--perfect to use diamonds as a pattern. My mother gave me her quilt that she learned on so long ago, and like you, I love how it reminds me of her--and my grandmother, who helped her learn how to quilt. Good to create these memory items, I think.

    Elizabeth E.

  2. I LOVE IT!! Can I order one?!! :) I love all the colors: how they are soooo bright and airy and clean and vintage! I LOVE vintage! :) Awesome job as always!!

  3. That vintage linen quilt is beautiful! I love the clean and simple design - it showcases the fabrics perfectly!

  4. Nicely done!
    This pattern seems like it used less fabric that I imagined it would. Maybe because I use so much variety.
    I am planning a second one and maybe even a third (because I have so much fabric in this color range...) AND because I believe there to be better, i.e. easier, methods of putting it together! I've been thinking too much!
    I wish I was better at machine quilting,,, Yours looks fabulous!

  5. That diamond quilt is just darling! What a great finish :)

  6. Love your vintage linen quilt!!!
    I recently made one also, you can find it here

    I love the white between your diamonds, really sets off the linens, maybe I'll try something like that with my leftovers.
    Take care and happy sewing!


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