Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I have been writing this post in my mind for a while now...months really.  My blog is a place to share myself, what I do and who I am.  I hope that's okay with yall!  So, in that spirit, I am going to share something I am challenging myself to do, and will hold myself accountable here.  I have posted a couple of times about losing weight, and haven't done a dang thing about it so far!  But today is just different....let me tell you why.

My husband and I are planning to celebrate our 15 year wedding anniversary next summer by taking a big trip...without the girlies!!  At least it's big to me ;o)  Unless one of us dies, or something else tragic happens, we're going to Europe for 11 glorious days.  It's a 3 city tour through London, Paris, and Rome and I am SERIOUSLY excited about it!!!!  I have been DYING to go to Europe since I could say the words Eiffel Tower, and had planned to live there after I got out of college, before getting married.  Needless to say, plans change!  I'm so glad they did :o)  But I still want to visit!

All that to say, I was reviewing the itinerary this morning, just could not focus on work, so I thought I would just read up on a couple places we may plan to visit.  And I thought about all the pictures I want to take, but also all the pictures I want to be in of me and my husband, or just him or just me hugging the Eiffel Tower.  Then I got to thinking about the tours I want to take and how I want to walk through Versailles for the entire day if I wanted.

Problem, I hate pictures of myself, but I want to take a picture of us in front of something fabulous and not worry about how fat I look in the picture!!  I want to be fit enough to trapse around Paris all day without feeling exhausted half way through.

Now...the CHALLENGE! And bear with me, but I am excited about this!

I have about 430 days until we go on our trip (wow, that's longer than I thought!) and I have 100 pounds to lose.  Yep, you read that right.  100 pounds.  I would be happy with 75, but I am setting my goal at 100.

In case you're wondering, that's about 1.5 pounds a week.  Doable, yes?

Changes will HAVE to be made though or this just won't happen.  Diet is one thing, but exercise is another.  My job involves sitting at a computer all day, then when I quilt/craft, I am sitting down!  I don't really exercise, and that is not good when you're over 30 and trying to lose weight!!

Here is the plan!  I am going to track my progress very publicly, here on my blog.  Could either be really embarrassing if I fail or really motivating if I keep it up.  I know the WW plan inside and out and I am joining the Y so I can start swimming.  I can't really do much walking yet, because of my stupid foot (another story altogether!).  I'd like to work up to walking or even running or zumba, but the thought of breaking my foot again terrifies me!

If you are in my shoes, needing a kick in the pants to get started, I hope you'll keep tuning in!  I am going to dedicate my Mondays to all things healthy, weight or exercise related.  I am going to have a linky party, so that you can share what is inspiring you! Maybe it's just a recipe you want to share, or your own weight-loss, exercise challenges.  It doesn't matter, the more, the merrier!!  

Soooo, please join in for my first Motivation Monday on April 9th!!  It would be really sad if I hosted a linky party and no one shows up :o)

I leave you today with 2 great blogs, very real and down-to-earth, of 2 real women who have lost weight and are staying healthy!

Mama Laughlin

Runs for Cookies


  1. What a great goal. Good luck with being fit.

  2. Proud of you! You can do it!

  3. Congratulations on making your mind up! That's the hardest part. I too am trying to lose weight and am a WW member. I will be tuning in to see your progress :). And looking froward to seeing the before and after pictures. I'll be there on April 9th. Good Luck!

  4. Good luck! That is a wonderfull goal waiting at the end! And 1.5 lb per week is definitely do-able, just try and avoid the diets that are really a risk to your health (you know, the starvation type ones!) .... exercise definitely seems to be the big factor, and what better than swimming! Try and do things at your desk too .... with your feet on the floor do calf lifts,or if you can have a little dumbell weight, or weights that velcro to your wrists and ankles, you could burn up a few extra calories, and I reckon it all adds up!

    I am heading to the UK too .... at the end of the month, permanently! Let me know how your itinerary looks closer to the time and it would be nice to meet you and your husband in person and maybe I can take a couple of those photos for you .... though with my limited sight you might have to double check I haven't chopped your heads off ;)

    It's a time of challenges for me too, not losing weight but dealing with blindness and starting dialysis has been a bit overwhelming at times!

    Oh and one other bit of advice, remember that if you weigh yourself one time and it has gone up a 1lb or even 1.5lb , that is easily acounted for in just the variation of the scale or short term water weight that may be gone again the next day ... my kidney doc told me to drink more water and I put on 4lb without any difficulty at all and on a dry day it'll drop just as quickly! water is good because it fills you up and keeps your body healthy even if it does add a couple of pounds .... better a couple of pounds of water versus fries lol

    Good luck!

  5. I just so happened to start my exercise routine this past Monday as well!! The Y will be great! :) You can do it!

  6. I'll participate! My husband and I are actually starting Weight Watchers Monday. Our at-home kit just arrived today! My goal is 60 lbs. I plan to blog about it. I find that I'm more accountable for my actions if I tell other people about it. If it's just me, I'll fail in a heartbeat.

    We can do this!

  7. I'm sure you can do it !

    There's a website called Lose It! where you can record all the food you eat and the exercice you do. It's really motivating :) You should definitely look at it!

  8. wow i really commend you for doing this....doing it publicly sounds scary!! i have about the same amount of weight to lose and i am trying to motivate myself but i can not seem to get there...there just seemed more and more to lose after each pregnancy. congrats on what you have lost so far!!!


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