Saturday, April 14, 2012

Connecting Threads

I have a few preferences when it comes to buying fabric.  I spend a lot of time on making things and want them to last for a while, so I try to buy the best fabrics I can.  Most of the time it comes from the quilt shop, but I have found it is getting more and more expensive!!  Enter....Connecting Threads!  I have made several purchases from them and absolutely LOVE their fabric!!

Their prices are great, they offer free shipping over $50 web orders, and offer pre-cuts with no additional charges for cutting.  I have ordered their thread, too, and it's great to work with!  AND when their fabrics go on sale/clearance, it makes it even better!

They have started carrying a large collection of solids and I wanted to try them I bought a couple of charm packs for less than $2.50 each.  The colors are so pretty and the feel of the cotton is just as nice as Kona.  Normally Kona is around $7.99 a yard, although offers them for under $5.50 a yard.  Connecting Threads cotton is priced at $4.96 a yard.

I recently bought 2 solids charm packs, and almost 20 yards of fabric for $53!  I am planning to use these larger cuts of fabric for quilt backings...aren't they great!  Anyway, if you have't tried them out, you should!!

I have some ideas for a pretty quilt top with the solid charms....can't wait to cut into them.!!

{Connecting Threads did not pay me for my endorsement, although I wouldn't turn them down, hehe}


  1. I have the solids from connecting threads and love them too! Must make a point to order some prints now that I see them..,they look pretty!

  2. Our guild was lucky enough to get some sample giveaways from them, and I was also really impressed with the quality, didn't know about the solids though - ill definitely try them, thanks!

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  4. I have been getting their ads for some time now and wondered about them. Thanks for the high recommendation. I was told their prices are lower because they actually manufacture their own fabric so no middleman. I am going to check them out better, thank you!

    I deleted my previous post as it is giving me a weird blogger id and not my google id. Something strange!

  5. I love getting new fabric :) I love precuts. I hate cutting fabric.

  6. I can totally relate! I've been ordering thread from them for a few years now and just recently tried their fabric... some FQ solids and a charm pack. I was pleasantly surprised at how nice the fabric is to work with. I used the FQs in a pillow I just finished and now am looking forward to using the charms. I give Connecting Threads two thumbs up for great prices, product and service. I will be ordering again (the shipping deal for non-US residents is $7 for s&h after you spend $50... a huge savings on postage that I appreciate).

  7. I too Love Connecting Threads!!

  8. I've ordered from them before, but never tried their solids, thanks for the recommendations! I'll also have to try their threads, people are raving about them.


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