Monday, July 23, 2012

Productive Weekend!

This weekend was perfect....I went to the quilt shop, finished 2 quilts, and got some new ca-ute Christmas fabric in the mail!!  

I was able to get both my girlies' quilts totally finished, quilted and bound, on Saturday. I opted for just an overall stipple design.  I just wanted them finished and it was taking me forever to come up with some creative quilting pattern.  I did the binding by machine since these will probably be washed a ton.   I finished Emma's in just a few hours.  

Then we headed to out for a cookout, complete with crazy lightning storm.  When we got home, Dayna just didn't understand why hers wasn't done if the quilting fairies came while we were gone!!  So, I went into high gear and had hers finished by 1 a.m., put it on her bed, and waited until morning!  She was so cute...SOO surprised it was done!  I haven't gotten pics of  Dayna's yet, but it's pretty much the same thing :o)  

Hope yall had a wonderful weekend!!


  1. i am totally in love with this! so so so awesome!

  2. Gorgeous little quilt! And a beautiful little girl! :-)

  3. I think I am in love with this quilt! I kind of want to make one for me :)

  4. That quilt is fabulous! Beyond fabulous! I love it :-)


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