Wednesday, October 10, 2012

WIP Wednesday and Another Finish!!

This week has been super productive...I finished 2 quilts this week...wha????

So, I may be a few days late getting this one finished up.  That's just life sometimes!  I finally got our do.Good Promise circle's first quilt finished this weekend.  I worked on it all afternoon and after dinner on Saturday, and my family kept asking if we could keep it....I think they liked it as must as I do!

I quilted this with an improve chevron stitch in the middle of each color.  This was a first for me and I really like how squishy it made this quilt feel.  Finished quilt measures 48 inches square.  Lovin those small quilts!

I chose a chevron pattern and the teal/orange/grey color combo.  Amazing how 10 people can use the same colors and pattern and come up with such different blocks, but they still all work together so well!

Brrr! quilt top cut out, this may actually get finished before Christmas!

Deco Shimmer Finished!!

100 Day Hustle/WIP List

1.  Branson-superhero quilt-pattern chosen!
2.  Finish my EPP quilt-no progress
3.  New stockings and placemats for Christmas for my kitchen
4.  Piece my queen-sized Single Girl quilt-paper pieces cut out and ready to go!
5.  Make baby quilt for my new niece / nephew

6.  Make Christmas quilt with my bundle of Brr fabric-fabrics cut out!!

7.  Start a new project using my Out to Sea fabric-pattern chosen!

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  1. Productivity is in the air!! Love the chevrons!!

  2. seriously, awesome awesome awesome!!!

  3. the chevron quilt is fabulous! I think it would be soooo hard to part with it!

  4. That Deco Shimmer is to die for! Love the orange and love how you used the binding. Fantastic!

  5. I love the two colour deco shimmer.. It really stands out. I recently work on two colour auilt and currently in love with two colour quilt. Great jiob on the chevron quilt too.. Love it...

  6. Love the polar bear fabric! What is it?

    LOVE the chevron quilt!

  7. your chevron quilt is fabulous!! i love orange, but can never find good orange prints...

  8. I love the chevron quilt - what great color choices! I've pinned it to my "Quilty Goodness" board on Pinterest (with proper credit, of course!). Feel free to follow me if you'd like:

  9. You really are hustling! That HST quilt is amazing. I love the gray mingled with all of those bright colors. And that Deco Shimmer! I don't know if I even have words for that one! Beautiful work Shanna!


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