Wednesday, October 24, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Hey all!  I hope you are having a great week!  

1.  Branson's quilt - because I am so indecisive and there is no Shazam fabric out there, I am waiting on the superhero quilt.  However!!  I showed Branson this pattern and he thought it would be a great San Diego Chargers quilt!  

So, after my initial heart attack once I thumbed through the pages of this pattern, and stroked out after reading the layout page, I ordered the following fabrics from 

AND, in case you don't know this already, apparently there is a coupon code you can use that people have been using for, oh, about a year now, giving you 20% off your entire order!  What??  coupon code is sewsorry.  Give it a shot!

2.  EPP quilt - nothing happening here.  In fact, I started another EPP project this past week, darn it.  Maybe all the extra thinking will help me think of how to quilt the first one!

isn't she cute??

This is the new EPP so far...measures about 21 in x 23 in using 2 inch hexies.

playing around with adding the orange

3.  Christmas stockings and placemats - no progress
4.  Single Girl - no progress
5.  Brrr quilt - fabrics have been cut, just need a spare day to start piecing, hahaha 
6.  Out to Sea - pattern decided

So, I thought I was doing better than I really am with getting all this stuff done before the end of the year....ugh.  Things need to slow down here....that's for sure!

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  1. I am very indecisive as well. I think what you decided on will be great. Thanks a ton for the coupon code. I haven't shopped from them in a while. But I am now. I got my superhero fabric from them.

  2. Hey Shanna - I am follower 200 - yayy!! Love your hexies and I think the Groove pattern would make an awesome Chargers quilt! I am going to Sew South - hope to meet you there!

  3. Those hexies are beautiful. I especially like the addition of the orange.

  4. Beautiful hexies and I love the colours for your Groove quilt. Such a cute pic of your kitty!

  5. Hats off to you for trying this quilt!


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