Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New Fabric from My Favorite Designer--Be Still My Heart!!

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE fabric.  I don't just love it, but I also collect it...in abundance.  It is really ridiculous at times, but I just cannot pass up beautiful fabric.  I heard somewhere that if you see something you like, even if you don't have a project in mind, get a yard of it because you never know if you'll ever see it again.  Unfortunately, I took that advice to heart and my sewing room proves that!  I am a quilter and avid sewer, but I haven't created a quilt in such a long time.....that is about to change.

My all-time favorite fabric designer is Joel Dewberry, hands down.  I love Amy Butler, Michael Miller, and Heather Bailey (among others), but my style is decidedly Joel Dewberry.  I caught a glimpse yesterday of his new line on Etsy featuring my 2 favorite colors...purple and green.  The other colorways are awesome also, but the plum and sage colors are just amazing together.  I must get my hands on this fabric!!

alternative text

The funny (or not-so-funny) thing is that I will probably buy several yards of this beautiful fabric and then it will sit on my shelf because I just can't bring myself to cut into it.  That is the way it always is with me!  I think I have a fabric disorder!  I bought some JD fabric a long time ago and it took me over a year to decide what to do with it...I came up with this design.

But still haven't quilted it yet....because I am afraid to mess up my JD fabric!  Ugh, I am a mess :o)

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  1. oh my WORD! LOVE the birds. LOVE LOVE LOVE.


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