Saturday, April 23, 2011

Pattern Review--Snazzie Drawers Juliette La Fleur

I am a huge fan of patterns and tutorials that are created by "real" people...NOT a big fan of those mass-produced and written in 12 languages on tissue paper that is so apt to rip and wrinkle and NEVER fits back into it's original package!!  To me, those patterns are written with abstract, confusing directions and I only buy them if absolutely necessary--which is next to never--can you tell these are not my favorite?? Patterns created by real people have all kinds of tips, tricks, shortcuts, and practical instructions that actually make sense!

I have bought several patterns in the past year that I would like to share here.  All have been simple and easy to follow, and yet offer a unique product.

The first pattern I am showing is Snazzie Drawers' Juliette La Fleur pattern found here.  I wanted something new to match my daughter's Easter dress and decided to give this one a shot.  My almost 8 year old is kind of over the big boutique bows, although I still think they are adorable on her :o)

So, here's the one I made for Emma...she still wanted a headband, so I made a pretty woven headband using this tutorial and just clipped the flower to it.  I could be biased...but I think it turned out adorable!

I love this pattern for a couple of reasons.  It's easy but doesn't look like you just threw a bunch of stray pieces of fabric together.  It looks "shabby chic" but not ratty.  You can make this with just about any fabric and embellish it to your heart's content.  It doesn't take a lot of fabric to make this so you could really buy a more expensive fabric like dupioni silk (another weakness!) and it won't break the bank. The only downside is the price of the pattern, but I am happy to spend money on patterns/tutorials that pay for a person's time and creativity.

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