Sunday, April 17, 2011

Random Midnight Musings

Here I am at 2 a.m. wide awake with a mind full of random thoughts.  I have been sleeping on and off since I had foot surgery on Tuesday.  I have had to keep my foot elevated "toes to nose" to prevent any swelling and have tried to stay ahead of the pain.  I've had more pain today, but it's going okay.  I still have about 15 orders left to get sent out and then I am taking a well-deserved break from Sweet and Sassy.  I am reaching burn-out, which is no fun at all!  I have been wanting to sew for a while and just haven't had any time to work on anything else.  I have 2 daughters and a niece that need spring dresses, and 2 nephews that need adorable bow ties :o)  Plus there are some quilts I want to work on, too.  There is also a room-full of fabric screaming for my attention!

My daughter's b-day is a little less than a month away.  I cannot believe she is going to be 8.  Those 8 years have flown right on by.  I have to say, I really enjoy her being older, but now her problems are more complicated.  She is having to deal with mean girls lately and it is breaking my heart.  I tell her to just be nice, no matter what...knowing that advice is lame.  What is the deal with mean girls and clicks, anyway??  I wish I could tell her it gets better as you get older, but it doesn't.  Mean girls are always how do you deal with it?  Ignore it, make other meaningful friends, confront the problem? All of these things I have told my daughter to try, but she is hurt by these other girls every day.  It is very frustrating.  I think it's a girl thing.  You know you have a bunch of other friends that would walk the ends of the earth with you, but you still want to be liked by the mean girls.

My other daughter is graduating from K-5 next month and I am a basket case.  I was super excited for Emma, but Dayna's has me all in knots inside.  I am torn between wanting her to grow up and wanting to keep her just the way she is, a mama's girl who thinks I hung the moon and daddy hung the stars.  *Sigh*

We've had a lot of house trouble lately.  Not long ago, our hot water heater broke under our house, flooding the entire crawlspace with water.  Today we had one of our beautiful pine trees fall on our house.  Geez.  Thank God for homeowner's insurance!

Okay, not too random, but just some thoughts on my heart at now 2:30 in the morning.  I am still wide awake, though and strangely craving a brown sugar Pop Tart!

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  1. oh I wish I could give you and Emma both a huge hug. I was picked on constantly throughout school and honestly in the work place as well. You are completely right, you can have fabulous friends, but you always want to be liked by the mean girls. I'm still a little scarred by those mean girls and how they treated me. It's sad really. Even in the work place, since I'm the youngest and perceived as "the favorite" I'm always picked on for it. People despise me because they think I get special privileges but really it's because I do what I'm supposed to, and then my boss is afraid people think I'm the favorite so she is harder on me because of it. Difficult. Why can't we all just get along?!

    Praying for your healing. Love you!


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