Monday, June 27, 2011

Time to Get Chopping!

It's time to start cutting for the Kaleidoscope quilt along...and I have to admit that it seems daunting when you see the number of pieces to cut out.

California Dreamin

Plus I changed my mind about the fabric I wanted to use.  At first I was pretty committed to using my DS fabric, but after I thought more about it, I am going to use my FQ bundle of California Dreamin'.  I love this fabric and I am from the great state of California, so it's perfect.  Plus, it's so cheerful and bright...perfect for a summer project!  Tonight I am cutting into this beautiful it just me, or does anyone else ever feel bad cutting fabric...almost like you should find the biggest quilt block possible to keep the whole pattern intact??  I'm weird like that, I guess!

Oh! And we got a new member of the household this weekend!  Her name is Roxie and is about 8 weeks old, we think.  She is just the cutest little ball of fur you ever did see!! And super her already!!




1 comment:

  1. I love the fabric! I will have to look into getting myself some of that California Dreaming! Also, Roxie is an adorable addition to your family!


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