Thursday, May 3, 2012

Back from Chicago {Lots of Pics}

This weekend, I went to Chicago for a business trip.  I managed to get the start of a bad cold the day before travelling and I'm still experiencing the worst of it...ugh!  Anyway, the city was beautiful and amazingly clean.  I am from CA and was expecting Chicago to be like LA, but it was so different!  I had such a great time, both on and off the clock.

We stayed at The W Hotel...very swanky :o)

 Lobby and Ceilings at The W 
We ate lunch at Giordano's...amazing Stuffed Pizza!!

I had to take this one....Quincy is my maiden name :o)

All of these pics are from Willis Tower {formerly Sears Tower} 

Our hotel from the top of the Willis Tower...looks so tiny!  My room was on the right hand side...I had a great view of the buildings and the train.

Not gonna lie...I was SCARED TO DEATH to get out on the Sky Deck to take these 2 pics!!  I was103 floors in the air and the glass is only 3 1/2 inches thick!!

Thanks for letting me share my trip with you!!


  1. Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos of Chicago. I've only been once, well before I was a blogger. I'll have to go again, now that you've inspired me.

  2. Hey Shanna, we just went to Chicago for the second time last summer. I had the same experience since we live in the NYC suburb area, Chicago is so clean to compare to NYC! We ate at the same pizza place, went to the sky deck and took pictures of our 6 legs and feet same as you :) I love Chicago and would go back any time! Glad you had a nice trip and sorry for your cold :( Thanks for sharing the pictures, now I'm gonna go through the ones we took :)

  3. wow shanna! what a beautiful trip!!! xo


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