Thursday, May 17, 2012

My First Quilt

I came across this quilt the other day...and decided I needed to blog about this one!  This is my very first quilt...the one that started the madness.

I made it the summer I was preggo with Dayna (7 years ago now).  I was teaching in our school's K-4 and had all naptime, all summer to work on it.  I bought this Carebear fabric at Walmart, as well as the backing fabric, and just started cutting and sewing!  I wanted to make this for Emma, as a present from the new baby.  Anyway, it has been snuggled, hauled weekly to school for naps while Emma was in daycare-Kindergarten, washed a gillion times, and now the binding is starting to fall apart and it's so thin you can see right through it.

I will never "fix" this quilt,'s just too special the way it is!


  1. Cute quilt and the picture shows that it is STILL well loved! :) Such a nice shot of her hugging it!

  2. that is what quilts are for! the ones that have holes are always the ones that were loved the most! she looks so adorable snuggling it too! xo

  3. So sweet! And such a beautiful quilt.

  4. Quilts are meant to be loved. This looks a lot better than my first quilt!


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