Sunday, May 27, 2012

Princess Peach Mario Kart Birthday Party

This weekend was Emma's 9th birthday party!!  We had to put it 2 weeks out but it was so worth the wait!!

my sweet girlies!
The Invite
Props goes to my sister for this awesome invite!!  She is the BEST graphic designer and does amazing work.  She literally just whipped this together for me :o)

The Games
Mario Kart Racing
First of all, the cars didn't turn out exactly like I had them in my head.  I got cardboard boxes from work, took them apart, and then made the cars.  I spray painted them...they turned out duller than I wanted, but...OH WELL!!  We divided the kiddos into 3 Pit Crews.  They had to assemble their cars by attaching the racing stickers, numbers, and license plates.  Then there were 3 laps...each kid in each Pit Crew got a turn to get inside the car, hold the handles on the sides, and race around the track.


Mario Bingo:
After the race, we decided to settle everyone down by playing some Mario Bingo!  I printed the card from HERE and the calling cards from HERE.  I found gold coins at Party City that we used for the bingo pieces.

The hubs drew and colored Bowser Koopa for the front of my DIY pinata.  I used cardboard, duct tape, and crepe paper to make the body of the pinata.  I made it pretty sturdy...we had to break it open to get it to fall apart!

The Cake
I am not sure why I always feel compelled to change recipes, especially whenever we have company. Branson's exact word was! I changed up my buttercream recipe and it turned out AMAZING...everyone seemed to love it.  I planned to make the cake messy...turns out that's harder than I thought!  I'm so used to smoothing everything out.  Anyway, the cake was strawberry, my family's fave.  My sister created the pennants.  I used checkered flag duct tape for the flags on each end.

Birthday Banner
Again, my sis did an awesome job making the pennants for the birthday banner.  All I had to do was cut out, put on cardstock, and connected each pennant with 3/8" ribbon.

I LOVE the bubbles!!!

The Table
I didn't get a picture of the table with all the food on it.  We had hot dogs, chips, homemade mac and cheese, and baked beans - the traditional Ragan party food!  I used checkered flag duct tape over the water bottle labels.  I also got these pvc pipes from Home Depot, spray painted them green, and used them for the utensils.  I found these great red bowl at the dollar store...they remind me of some of the plants in Super Mario.

Thanks for letting me share about Emma's birthday bash!!  I love hosting my girlies' birthday parties, but they sure do wear me out!


  1. Happy birthday to Emma! Very creative and fun part!

  2. What a cute theme! Happy birthday, Emma!

  3. OMg!!!! How great everything looks!!! :) You do know that your nephews and niece will want you to do their parties right?? :) Love you and miss you all TERRIBLY!

  4. what an awesome party! Love the decorations and looks like everyone was having fun!

  5. This is seriously such a fun idea! Love it! Thanks for sharing your ideas on "Strut Your Stuff Saturday!" We'll see you next week! -The Sisters


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