Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ideas Needed!!

I can't believe how absent from my blog I have been lately!  This week is the last week of school and there have been sooo many activities!  I have made more cakes, cupcakes, and cookies than I have all year :o)

Anywhooo...I have been wanting to make new bed quilts for my girlies and just ordered the most perfect fabric!!  I cannot wait until it comes in!!  The only "problem" is that it has a larger print and I don't want to chop it into little pieces.  But I don't want just plain squares, either.  I'm stumped on what type of pattern to use so that it's creative, but also shows off the prints to their fullest!

Girl Power Super Girls Light PinkGirl Power Wonder Woman Badges Stripe Purple
Girl Power Poster Red/MultiGirl Power Wonder Woman Collage Multi

photos from

Sooo, any ideas from my fellow quilters???  Please share :o)


  1. How about an attic window type block or wonky stars? You could use a large square in the middle and then jazz it up either strips or points. Good luck! Love that Wonder Woman fabric!

  2. I think the fabric is cute, but we aren't fans of bats around here right now. hahahaha.

  3. that fabric is awesome! You could fussy cut out a few characters and use them in the center of a block (like a star or something). then use the rest of the fabric (in all its glory) on the back. Or maybe just a panel on the front with blocks of solids around it?

  4. Here's a couple of ideas from my blog:

    I know you'll come up with something terrific.


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