Monday, June 4, 2012

Fit Tuesday - For Your Mental Health

Hi all!  I have been absent from Fit Tuesday the past 2 weeks....but I'm back again!  Today I wanted to talk a little about mental fitness.  While trying to rid my life of toxic food, I am also trying to rid myself of toxic thoughts, people, habits to make myself a better person.

Toxic thoughts - we all have them!  I learned in Weight Watchers that we need to replace toxic thoughts with healthy thoughts....easier said than done, right?  When my mind tells me I'm not worth the effort, I replace it with how valuable I really myself, to my family, to my friends.  We are worth so much more to God, above all else!

Toxic people - oh man, this one is hard!  Especially when you have to be around them often.  I am a big fan of filling your life with the people that love you and want nothing but the best for you!  And then forget the ones who treat you like crap!!

Toxic habits - another tough one since we are all creatures of habit!  What are the habits that are draggin you down?  Find other things to replace them.  This is one reason I love quilting.  It replaces the time I might spend on things that are destructive.

So, I thought I would share this printable I found via Pinterest.  It basically just highlights the fact that the whole weight loss process all starts in our minds!


So here are my stats:

Weight loss this week:  2 
Total pounds lost:  10
Pounds to go:  90


  1. Great post!!! Thanks for sharing this poster too! We're in this together, girl! Love you!!


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