Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sketching...How I Plan a Quilt

I have been thinking.....and thinking.....and thinking of how to make my girls' quilts so that I am not cutting this awesome fabric to bits.  I just had to go with stars....and I remember seeing the Oh! Fransson Sparkle Punch quilt!  My thought is just to make it on a MUCH larger scale!

So here is my sketch!  I finished it during my lunch break at work today.  The finished size is going to be approx. 72" x 84". This way each star will be huge, lending itself to those large prints.

We'll see how it turns out in real life!!


  1. I love the Sparkle quilt. Yours will be awesome too.

  2. I think that is a great plan! I look forward to seeing more!

  3. That sounds like a fantastic idea. I loved Oh Fransson's quilt . "Its on my list "I have found myself saying many times. Really enjoy your blog Thanks from Carol

  4. Hi Shanna! We had so much fun with the giveaway. We stopped by to tell you two that we nominated you for an award! Check it out at It's fun!

  5. oh!
    may I try something like this too?


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