Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fit Tuesday

So, I finally broke down and bought an iPod this week...my first Apple product ever. Yeah, I know...so behind the times.  I got the nano with the fitness app that counts steps, distance, time of workout.  It's awesome!  AND I figured out how to download YouTube videos to mp3s that I can add to my nano...for free!

There's only one problem...and I'm sure I am not alone here.  But I tend to work out to the beat of whatever I am listening to...so if you're not in that great of shape, listening to energetic workout music is probably not the best idea!!  I went for a walk on Friday night, cranked up the iPod, and was about to die 1/2 mile in.  My calf muscles were on fire.  I had my phone with me, but I REFUSED to call the hubs to come get me....how pathetic would that be!  So, I dialed down the speed and intensity, and walked at half rhythm back home.  I still shaved 7 minutes off my time from the day before!!

I also re-evaluated my goal weight this week.  Not that I want to make excuses, but I think I was a bit unrealistic in my initial goal.  Let's face it, I am in my early 30s and had 2 kiddos.  So, I am going with the higher end of my recommended weight and we'll go from there.

This week's stats:

Exercise this week:  walked 4 miles, swam 1 hour
Pounds lost this week: 1
Total lost: 12
Pounds to go: 68 

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nasty, but true!!


  1. Good for you, any progress is good progress.

  2. Great post I went for a run walk this morning and plan to get back to swimming when we get a new vehicle. I'm glad I found you blog. I will definitely be back.

  3. Welcome to Apple! LOVE their stuff! I have a pair of Nike+ tennis shoes and bought the chip that goes under the sole. The app on my phone picks up my movement. It doesn't work on treadmills though. It says I don't go anywhere! haha.

  4. Great job Shanna! You're doing awesome! Have you ever thought about being tested for food allergies? I know that sounds really random but sometimes we are eating foods that don't agree with our bodies and it wreaks all kinds of havoc, including weight gain and resistance to weight loss. I just had mine done and was shocked to find out that I'm even allergic to foods that are good for me. There is a company that tests over 200 foods, preservatives, molds etc. http://elisaact.com/ I have a couple of kids who I'm planning on testing as well. Anyway, it's been so eye opening for me I just wanted to share.


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