Wednesday, July 13, 2011

WIP Wednesday #3

So I missed last week's WIP Wednesday...truly had nothing to show...not a hint of progress on any project.  That's summer for ya!  We've been busy with spending more time with the minis...going to the library, inside play areas (because we have freakishly hot summers!!), pool time, shopping trips, etc.  Emma, upcoming 3rd grader, is absolutely HORRIFIED at seeing back to school sales starting to pop up!  She loves school, but asked me, "Is summer really almost over???"  No, thank the Lord, it is not!  Although, the weather could cool down a bit, and I'd be just fine with that.....enough rambling!

I finally got a quilt top finished this week, yay!  I got my kaleidoscope top done and I love the colors but was disappointed at so many of my ends being cut off when I squared up my blocks.  Anyone else have that problem??  I think I may need to revisit my seam allowance and make sure it's 1/4"!!  I didn't want to re-do the blocks, so here it is, cut off points and all.  I am pretty fond of it, even if it is flawed :o)   Pointy points are so over-rated anyway!

Went outside to get a good picture of it and the humidity instantly fogged up my lens...ugh! I seriously miss my California summers!  My husband holds up all of my quilts and you can seriously see all that bias stretching at the top.

Another quilt top almost finished is the Single Girl Quilt for my niece.  Super excited about this one because again, I screwed up the seam allowance and had to re-do it.  This one was just not going to work unless it was fixed.  But it's progress!

This week's stats:
New projects - 0
Completed projects - 0
Currently in progress - 14 (holy cow!)

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  1. Love you kaleidoscope top! I am working on one, and having the bias blues!!!

  2. Wow, your kaleidoscope looks super fab!! Great job!!

  3. The quilt looks great! I would have never seen the not so pointy points, it looks perfect! Also I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one with 14 projects cuppently in progress!

  4. I like your finished quilt top! You used great colors!


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