Wednesday, July 27, 2011

WIP Wednesday #4

This week I have actually gotten some projects done!  Next week, the family and I are heading to Tennessee for a much-needed time away and I am super excited!!  Our cabin is pet-friendly, so the kitty is coming along, too....should be pretty fun in the car :o)  In preparation of the car ride ahead, I have 3 quilts that I am taking to hand-sew bindings.  Maybe I will have my kaleidoscope quilt quilted in time to take, too!

So, here we go with progress:

1.  New Wave quilt--quilted and binding attached (I got a little carried away with photos...sorry!!)





2.  1974 quilt--binding (FINALLY)'s only been waiting for 2 years!



3.  Valentine's quilt--binding attached
4.  Kaleidoscope quilt--1/2 way quilted!!  yay!!! (better pic of the quilt top :o)


This week's stats:
New projects - 0
Completed projects - 1 customer quilt
Currently in progress - 13 (will have 3 off the list next week, maybe 4!!)

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  1. All your quilts look beautiful! I can't decide which one I like best :D

  2. Good (and pretty!) work going on over there!

  3. Oh - and I really do *love* your new wave - is there a pattern for that?

  4. I can't pick a favorite. All three of these are beautiful. I've been wanting to try that new way pattern for a while so maybe I will just have to do it. What pattern did you use for the 1974 quilt? I love that fabric and I'm a little bummed out I didn't get any of it before it went out of print but I'm betting that pattern would look great in some Hometown.

  5. I love all your projects. Such beautiful color picks and how you put them together was gorgeous!

  6. They're gorgeous...I especially LOVE the wave quilt!

  7. Very pretty quilts! Do you do your quilting free-hand or on a long arm? I really like them. Have fun in TN!

  8. beautiful quilts - every one! LOVE your New Wave; actually I love all of them! nicely done!

  9. I was drawn in by the New Wave quilt, awesome!! But all of your work is beautiful! Great job.

  10. WOW! Loving your New Wave quilt! And 1974 looks awesome! And kaleidoscopes=fantastic. Okay, I love them all!

  11. I love that New Wave quilt! Do you have the name of the etsy shop that you bought the template from? Maybe I'll just get one myself! :)


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