Sunday, March 13, 2011

Growing Out Bangs

I have to say that both of my daughters have been blessed with some beautiful hair...I know I may be partial here, but you can't help it sometimes!  Emma has had  a few different hair styles and cuts...some of her own doing!  We tried to grow out her bangs when she was 4 and she got tired of them being in her face, so she just decided to cut them right off!  I found little piles of hair around the house for a few days.

She wanted her hair cut short a while ago, but now wants it long.  So here we go again with growing out hair!  I have tried to come up with some cute ways to keep her bangs back so she isn't always wearing a headband.  This braided style seems to be pretty popular as seen in Hollywood lately, and it's very easy to do, which makes mornings easier. 

It is basically a "french braid" braided just to the front of the hair.  Start at the part and begin your french braid.  I secured the braid with a small clear elastic since my daughter is a very active child! 

Cutie Pie!

Such a ham!

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