Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thoughts for Thursday

I love getting to know people through blogging!  I have been to so many great blogs and have met some amazing people!  So with that thought it mind,  here are a few facts about me:

1.  My active book on my Kindle right now is Sherlock Holmes.  I love to read and LOVE my Kindle!!  I am on the road to and from school and work so much and it's perfect for reading on the go.

2.  My favorite drink of all time is Diet Pepsi Wild Cherry.  As of right now, nothing beats it.

3.  I always have to have something to do....I can't stand just doing nothing.  This is probably why I have a gazillion hobbies!!

4.  I have knock knees.  Google it...nuff said.

5.  I HATE clowns!  They scare the crap out of me, whether they are meant to be cutesy and playful or scary and mean.  I blame the Scooby Doo cartoon with the clown at the carnival...scarred me for life.

Okay, enough sharing!  There's my 5 facts for today :o)

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