Friday, August 26, 2011

No-Fray, No-Sew Rolled Rosette Tutorial

I've been asked many times how I make my rolled rosettes.  I'm not a big fan of the frayed look...I like it clean so I can see the fabrics better and honestly it just lasts longer.

2.5" strip of fabric, length depends on how big you want your rosette.  I generally use 22 inches.
glue gun
small square of felt

1.  Fold the raw edges of fabric towards the center of your strip of fabric.

 Make a tight knot at the end of the strip.  Make sure you keep your raw edges folded in as you tie your knot.  The tighter you make your knot, the better your rosette center will appear.

2.  Keep your raw edges folded in as you start your rosette.  Hold onto the knot's tail and bring fabric down as you turn around the center.  This will help keep the center nice and tight.

Twist around the center and glue every 2 turns.  I keep my fabric flat and fold it around the center, keeping the top of the rosette tighter than the bottom.  Place a dab of glue towards the bottom of the fold.  This will help keep the glue from oozing out the top!  You can also use fabric glue, but I found hot glue is faster and just as good.

Here is a closer picture of how I fold my fabric around the center.  I just keep the raw edges folded in and keep folding around the center, gluing every 2 turns.  

3.  Once you have rolled, glued, and rolled some more you should have a rosette ready to finish!  Snip the tail of the knot you originally tied.  Take the last bit of fabric you were rolling and glue it to the underside of your rosette.

Place a bit of glue in the fold before you wrap to the back.

Now you're ready to attach it to your felt backing.  Put a generous amount of glue on the back of the rosette about 1/4" away from the edge.  

Press your felt into the back of your rosette, forming it up and into the rosette.  This helps the rosette keep it's nice rounded top shape.

Trim the felt around the felt backing.  If you glue right to the edge, you end up seeing the felt when it gets attached to a headband or whatever else you are embellishing.  So trim it 1/4" from the edge.

All done!


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  2. Beautiful! I already know how to make rosettes, but I LOVE yours, they are so pretty and yes very neat! :) Thats for showing just how you get them so pretty! :)

  3. Thanks so much for sharing! I love the "clean" finish of your rosettes!

    Great job! Cheers

  4. Stumbled upon your website, and I must say that I am glad I did!! I was looking for rosette directions to make a vintage looking infant headband to match a vintage inspired layette for a newborn. Your directions were so easy to follow! Mine didn't turn out as nice as yours, but I achieved the look i needed:) Many thanks!

  5. It is possible to make these as hair and clothing accessories, right? Because they would be really cute as hair type flowers and such. What would be the best method to do so? As in putting clips and fasteners on them.

  6. I'm a new follower of your blog. Found you while searching for tutorials to make this flower. Thank you very much!

  7. Beautiful!!! thank's for this tutorial

  8. Where do you get your fabric from?

  9. Need a video, I just cannot get this!

  10. Then again I'm using slippery satin! :(

  11. Thank you for posting this! I like the "clean" look too but couldn't a tutorial. Yours is great!

  12. Thank you for posting this! I like the "clean" look too but couldn't a tutorial. Yours is great!


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