Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Giant Scrappy Hexagons

I have oodles of scraps...like almost everyone else who sews!  I have a love/hate relationship with them though.  I hate the thought of throwing them away but I hardly ever use them.  I almost always use new cuts of fabric for new projects.  However, I LOVE scrap quilts ~ string quilts, postage stamps, you name it.  I love them all, admire them, pin them to my Pinterest boards for future reference.

So, I think I found something I would actually like doing with my scraps!  I bought this great hexagon template from Tabslot a while back...Jill designed it just for me *smile*  I wanted a hexagon big enough that I could use it to cut layer cakes without much waste.  So this baby measures 10 inches, point to point.   It's huge...and what a great way to use up some scraps!  So I sewed some strips together and started cutting...this is what I have so far!

These puppies are entirely machine-pieced...and I was too anxious to try this method that I only made 7 hexies!  The best part of this is that this 7 piece unit measures about 24 inches across and 30 inches down the center!  Not bad for only 7 pieces.  After seeing how easy it was to do, I cut an entire layer cake that I have been dying to work with...as if I needed another WIP on the list.  I am planning to have that one sewn together tonight and will post pics tomorrow for WIP Wednesday...hopefully I can have a Finished Friday post sometime soon...sheesh!!


  1. Shanna, this is so cute! I love what you've done, so excited to see more!!

  2. I really like these! They look so cheerful!

  3. I love hexagons! I'm thinking about doing an EPP of hexagons instead of stars. Gotta get my pieces ready before we leave for MO in 2 weeks!


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