Thursday, March 15, 2012

March Madness - College Tuxedo Bow Headband Tutorial

Don't know about yall, but March Madness is an exciting time in the South!!  It's fun to fill out brackets and try to predict the hubs and I have filled them out every year we've been married (almost 14 years!)  The first few years, I had no idea who anyone was...and I always chose the best bracket :o)  We are NC State fans and getting into the Big Dance doesn't always happen...SO glad we got in this year!!

One of the headbands I make for Sweet and Sassy are these college hairbows...and I love them!


hot glue gun
heat sealing tool (lighter, wood burner, etc)
needle and thread
3/8" grosgrain ribbon to wrap your headband
7/8" grosgrain ribbon of alternating color for bow
college ribbon*
1/4" plastic headband*

*I get asked a LOT where I get my college ribbon....eBay.  I have bought 99.9% of my college ribbon from eBay.  Not all colleges have ribbon available, some are pretty funny about copyrights.  I also buy my plastic headbands from eBay as well.  They also sell toddler sized headbands, which are about 12 1/2" end to end...perfect for little heads!

Here we go!

1. Wrap your headband with the 3/8" grosgrain ribbon.  I always start it at an angle and just wrap around.  Heat-seal each end and hot glue one end of the ribbon to the headband.  I leave a tail, as this will wrap around the end of the headband once I am done wrapping the whole thing.

 Wrap ribbon around the headband on an angle

Heat-seal the ribbon end before gluing it around the end of the headband.

2.  Cut a piece of your college ribbon that includes the mascot and the logo about 1 inch away from each of the printed squares.

3.  Heat-seal each ribbon end and fold ends toward the center.  Sew together as shown.

4.  Take an 8 inch piece of your 7/8" grosgrain ribbon and heat-seal the ends.  Sew together the same way as the college ribbon.

5.  Stack the college bow on top of the color bow and glue together.

6. Put a bead of glue on the part of the headband you want the center of your bow.  Press your bow into place onto the headband.

7.  Use a small piece of 3/8" ribbon to wrap around the center of the bow...starting at the back on the headband and wrapping all the way around to the other side.  Make sure you heat-seal each end of the ribbon, and don't accidentally burn a hole in your bow!  Been there, done that :o)

Finished!  I hope this was a helpful tutorial for you to show your team spirit!


  1. Nice! I need some Mizzou bows. Great addition for my Etsy shop?


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