Wednesday, March 7, 2012

WIP Wednesday

I can't believe another week is already half-way done!  I am working on my EPP quilt, and it's going okay.  I had to cut some new fabrics, just because the ones I had cut were starting to look so repetitive.  I am going for a scrappy look, so needed more variety!  Didn't realize how much green I had already!  Anyway, here is my progress...along with my sad grass AGAIN!!  I really need a better backdrop :o)

I spent about 5 hours yesterday (had a sick kiddo at home, laying around watching cartoons) re-folding my fabrics to fit nicely into these cubbies.  I think it was well worth the effort, but I am a little disgusted at how much fabric I have.  This is less than half of my I guess I have a lot of projects coming up!!  

My SIL gave me the awesome Keep Calm piece to put in my sewing room...I LOVE it!!  And my Eiffel Tower was a party prop from my surprise 30th b-day party (3 years ago now!) that I haven't had a place for until now.  I know it may not last forever, but I love it!

As I was cleaning out my sewing room, I ran across the book that started it all.  This was my very first quilting book and what really got my motor running for getting back into sewing.  It has so much inspiration, and I thought I had lent it out never to see again.  Turns out it was just stuffed in a box waiting for me to find it again :o)

WIPs this week:  NO progress again on my Swoon quilt....maybe next week???  After I get my sewing room organized I am going to re-evaluate my true WIP list.  I am thinking of opening up a de-stash shop on Etsy just to thin out my stuff!!

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  1. I love english paper piecing although I've only done hexagons. Your quilt is spectacular! Love your work station. And we can never have enough fabric! I'm going to follow you to see what other beautiful things you make along the way.

  2. You're motivating me to clean up my sewing room! It's bad in there. I had cut up all my blocks to work on a Granny Square block quilt and put them in a baggie. Now I can't find the baggie. Yikes!

  3. You never realize just how large your stash is until you start organizing it. I did that this summer. It was a bit overwhelming.


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