Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Why Do You Quilt?

I have been wrestling with this question lately...I LOVE to sew, LOVE to quilt, LOVE fabric.  But sometimes I feel like a hoarder...gathering fabrics, quilts stacking up in the corner living room basket and linen closet, making wall hangings and table runners to decorate the house.  I was reading a well-timed post today over at Lily's Quilts.  This post just spoke to my heart.

A little about siblings and I have had a rough childhood.  My older sis is 15 months older than I, my half-sis is 8 years younger, and my half-brother is 10 years younger. I haven't seen my brother since he was 3...20 years now.  Breaks my heart just realizing how long it's really been.  My little sister and I have re-connected, although it's still awkward.  My older sister is my best friend, we can finish each other's thoughts.  But I moved away in 9th grade...we have spent so many years apart.  I hope I'm not rambling too much, but it just takes a toll on a person emotionally.  The years apart have definitely left holes in me.  I have regrets, too.  I didn't fight harder to not be sent away.  Not sure that would have mattered at all, but I should've tried.  I hope that one day I will be able to re-connect with my brother.  I know this might be hard for some people to understand, especially since some just don't have the same baggage.

All this to say....what a wonderful opportunity to send quilts to this organization, Siblings Together, who seeks to offer a positive environment for siblings who have been separated by the care system to re-connect.  They provide camps for these sweet little ones, who have been bounced around in the care system.  I think my quilts would have a lot more meaning going to one of these kids than being just another one on my Finished List. I am so excited to be a part of this!

Do you have quilt tops just hanging around, piling up on the WIP list like I do??  Would you consider joining in the fun??  I hope you will consider it, join the flickr group, and become part of something worthwhile!


  1. Shanna, first I want to say, thank you for sharing your heart with us today. I had no idea, but thank you for sharing.

    Second, you are a beautiful person inside and out and I know the people who would receive your quilts will be so blessed and feel the love through your work.

    Third, I love you, friend!

  2. That is such a great idea... I wish I knew how to quilt! :) You are so talented... and I'm so blessed to be your sister! Love you!


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