Wednesday, March 14, 2012

WIP Wednesday

After this weekend, I got a handle on just how many outstanding projects I really have.  I think my lack of organization didn't help with this list either!!  I have a stack of quilt tops, ready for quilting.  And honestly, half of them I'm not even sure what to do with!  The one on the bottom of this stack I started when Dayna was was going to be a Christmas present for her.....yeah, she's 6 now and is pretty much over Dora!  I do have a perfectly adorable 18 month old niece that might like it though :o)

And still plugging along on my EPP project.  Last week, I had 26 stars (20 the week before) and this week I have 35!  The other night I was working on attaching the stars and the hubs asked me how much longer I had on this.  Honestly, I have no idea!  I put it on my bed and it is about 1/3 the size it needs to be.  So I am guestimating I need about 65 more stars.  But you know, I have so enjoyed the hand-piecing process!  It give me a chance to sit and think, listen to music, and work through the events of the day.  I think it really is good for my mental health :o)

Updated WIP Stats (after cleaning out my sewing room this weekend!):

Tops to be quilted:  8
Quilts partly pieced:  2
Finishes this week: 0

Total: 10

The mailman is supposed to be delivering my Flea Market Fancy fabrics today....needless to say, super excited about that!!  I am planning to use some of it for a Follower Giveaway this week, so stay tuned!!

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  1. I just LOVE those stars!! My FMF should be arriving soon....very excited about that, too!

  2. FMF will make any girl smile, doncha think! Hope it came today and that you do something spectacular with it!

    I love your EPP stars and totally relate to having something to work on that's soothing and productive!

  3. Um, YEAH, Julia would TOTALLY love the Dora quilt :) !!! She is super into POOH right now... but I would say that Dora is trailing right behind.. :)

  4. I'm considering starting an EPP project. Maybe hexes? We're traveling to visit family soon and it'd give me something to do besides run down my phone battery. Haha. It'd also eat up some of my stash!


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