Friday, March 23, 2012

Sock Monkeys and Bow Ties

I feel like the title of this post should be a song in "The Sound of Music"!!  Anyway, I have been making some random projects lately.  My girlies are on spring break this week and Thursday we spend a good 2 hours making sock monkeys!  I bought these funky striped knee socks last year on clearance for about a dollar per pair.  I had intended to make the sock monkeys for Christmas...but time got away from me (typical).  But you know, it was much more fun making them girlies are so proud of them!  I did the sewing and they did the stuffing (which is why no 2 body parts are equally stuffed, but adds to the charm!)  They are so very much NOT perfect, but we had a blast making them :o)

I am also super late getting these bow ties finished up for my sweet nephew who just turned 9. Boys in bow ties are just them the perfect Dennis the Menace quality!  And bow ties are just perfect for spring!

Nothing quilty to post today...although I sure was hoping to have some more finishes to show.  I have been engrossed in my EPP project.  The going is slow, but I am determined to see it finished soon!


  1. OMg.... I just LOVE the monkeys!!! Need to get one for Julia!! :)

  2. i LOVE those bowties. adorable! and how fun that you made the sock monkeys with your girls! they are super cute!

  3. The sock monkeys are adorable! Fun project for your kids!

  4. Those are adorable! I love the colors :)


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