Friday, September 9, 2011

Embroidery Art

I was browsing Pinterest about a week ago and saw this beautiful embroidered artwork.  I can't seem to locate the pin now, of course, but the image stayed with me and I've been dying to give it a shot!  So, over Labor Day weekend, I embroidered a flower shape onto some white fabric...just freehanded the flower outline.  I royally suck at drawing, but somehow, I really liked the way this flower turned out!  I really like redwork embroidery, and red seems to be a favorite color of mine, so I went with red floss and decided it would hang in my kitchen.  

AC Moore had these 2-pack canvases on sale for about $5 this week, how perfect, right??  Anyway, I whipped out my staple gun and went to town :o)

Had to make sure the back of my embroidery wasn't a total disaster, since red lines would totally show through the white fabric.  I pressed my fabric (even though you can't really tell in this photo) and placed my flower in the corner of the canvas.

Flipped that sucker over, and stapled my heart out!!  Here is my completed "artwork" if that's even the right word :o)  I love the negative space and how the red flower just pops against the white.  I am planning to hang it in my kitchen, somewhere!

Seriously hoping to get some actual piecing done this can see my fabric under the's going to be a Swoon quilt block when I actually get the chance to sew it together!  The fabric is from Joel Dewberry's Heirloom line.  I am planning to finally make a quilt for my bed...funny how I haven't done that yet and have been quilting for about 6 years!

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