Monday, September 26, 2011

Smurfday Party - Loads of Pics!

This Saturday was my younger daughter's 6th birthday party...she turns 6 this Friday, but I wanted to have her party earlier.  I love planning my girls' birthday parties!  They are always so much fun, for them and for their little friends. We talk about themes and start planning about 2 months in advance.  The best part is hearing your daughter say right before bed, "Mama, this was the BEST day!!"

Banner made by my sweet friend...she sells her banners and other parties goodies on etsy here

Mushroom goody bags

Invites and water bottle labels made by my awesome graphic designer sister :o)

Pin the tail on Azrael...a big hit!

so silly!

Gargamel pinata that we had to make from scratch because there are literally NO affordable Smurf pinatas out there!  It was fun making this though!

After all the kids went (about 10), we had an older friend take a whack and killed Gargamel!  It was great!

Oh the cake...I swear my Kitchenaid mixer made all the difference this year!

Not so thrilled about getting a dress for a present, love that face!

Dayna read each and every card..she's so cute

Papa Smurf got a trim

Awesome hubs who helped make this party so much fun!!

Wonderful friends who love my kids so much!  Boy that just makes all the difference!


  1. What a cute party theme! It looks like everyone had a wonderful time :)

  2. I was Googling ideas for my daughter's upcoming birthday and stumbled upon this post. I just wanted to tell you that you did a fantastic job with the party details - especially the pinata!


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