Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Swoon Block 2

Okay, here's my second Swoon block.  Isn't it wild??  The prints seem a little over the top, but I think it will be fine when it's all put together!  That's 2 down, 7 to go.  I cut out the fabric for the next 2 blocks...who knows when I will get to them, though!  I am hoping to do a little at a time...just enjoying the process.

I have also abandoned my Single Girl quilt for now and am going to make my niece another pattern.  Single Girl and I just did not get along very well...I think if I could paper piece the curves?  I tried fixing the first curved block, and I wanted to rip my hair out.  I may just have to admire from afar....

Dayna has a birthday party this Saturday...cannot wait to take and post pictures!  I bought fabric today for a  Smurfette's blue with small white daisies on it.  I always try to coordinate them with their's a science at our house!  The food is a staple...I always have people come that know what I am serving and look forward to it every funny!  Anyway, plans are coming along :o)  Dayna still wants to color her skin blue, but I have to draw the line there!


  1. I LOVE the prints and the block pattern! I haven't been sewing much lately thanks to a nasty case of pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel I've been doing some, but for shorter lengths of time. I miss it. :(

  2. Why this is the smurfiest block I've ever seen! You are simply the most smurfy block maker there is in Smurf Village! All this and time to plan a smurfday party for your 6 year old? You are smurfy! Can't wait for the smurfiest mac & cheese this side of Gargamel this Saturday!

    -Papa Smurf

  3. Another great Swoon! I think it will be fantastic with the others!!

  4. oooo - I love your color choices!! fabulous!


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