Friday, September 9, 2011

Random Sewing Projects--Camera Straps

I've been working on some random projects lately...quick projects that I can make in an hour or less.  I feel the need for smaller projects after the massive Duke quilt project not that long ago!  Labor Day gave me the perfect opportunity to make a few little goodies that may end up as gifts or in my etsy shop soon :o)  This year, I am planning on a handmade Christmas.  Maybe not completely, but definitely wanting it to be a priority.  I feel so much more connected to person when I make a gift with my hands, always thinking about the person it is for as I make it.

These are my newest creation!  I made 6 of them in under 3 hours, even though I spent part of that time with my seam ripper.  I love the rosettes added to the side with the lens pocket, because I NEVER remember without it!  Another thing I really like is that the ruffle is flat and not sticking off the strap...I think that would get on my ever-lovin nerves after a while!  This is a GREAT project for using up scraps, too...always a plus!

I have learned a few things about myself since starting this blog and writing more of those things is that I always speak in exclamation points!!  Sorry for the overkill :o)

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  1. Have you shared anywhere on your blog how to make those beautiful silk flowers? Love those things!!


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