Friday, September 2, 2011

Back to School -- Decorated Clipboard Tutorial

Last year I bought 2 of these clipboards from a sweet lady on etsy last year and after I got them, I thought "I could totally make this!!"

wooden clipboard with rectangular clip*
mod podge
foam brush
several sheets of coordinating scrapbook paper
straight edge--I used my good ole library card!
variety of ribbons

fabric glue
vellum embellishments

Lay out your scrapbook paper and decide how you'd like to decorate your clipboard.  I had to cut a couple of pieces to fit onto this clipboard.

Cut your scrapbook paper just a bit smaller than your clipboard so the mod podge will seal correctly.  I also used a corner rounder for my corners and it came our really nice!  Once your paper is ready, apply a moderate layer of mod podge on the clipboard and apply the first piece of paper.  Run your straight edge (or library card :o) over the paper to ensure there are no bubbles between your paper and the clipboard.  Apply each piece of scrapbook paper one by one until the front and back is covered.  Trim edges and any over-hanging paper.  It is very important that all paper is adhered to the clipboard with the mod will bubble later if not.  I also used a hole punch to help the paper on the back lay flat over the metal.

back of clipboard
Allow your clipboard to dry completely...I learned this the hard way, but the longer it has to dry, the better!!    Using your foam brush, coat the entire front with mod podge.  Allow this side to dry completely, then apply another layer.  Repeat for the back.  I wanted to make sure there were NO bubbles, so I took a few days doing this, too, but I don't think you have to.

Once your clipboard is dry, you are ready to embellish the clip with your ribbons!  Cut several different lengths of a variety of ribbon.  The more, the merrier!  Tie each ribbon in a knot onto the this point I used a small dot of fabric glue to the inside of the knot before tying...just to make sure it didn't come apart with use.  Some ribbon is satin and won't stay tied, no matter how tight you make it to start with.  Once the ribbons are all secure, trim away pieces too long and heat seal the ends, or use fray check.  Since this might get a lot of use, those ribbons could get very frayed if not treated.

I know we did this for back to school, but you could do this for any occasion, or just for fun!

*Wooden clipboards are not the easiest to find...look in the home office section of Target, Walmart, etc, instead of the "back to school" section!

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  1. I love this clipboard.. it's so cute! Thank you for sharing the tutorial, too :) I hope it's okay, I have featured it in a post on my new blog... you can see it here:

    Thanks again for sharing!


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