Monday, September 19, 2011

Swoon Block 1

Life has been a bit crazy lately.  I have had the flu or something like it and have been absolutely wiped out.  I woke up Saturday throwing up and it's been an ick-fest ever since.  I haven't thrown up today, but I am still exhausted.  I stayed home from work today, just to keep my germs to myself, and rested.

Dayna's birthday party is this Saturday and I am not at all ready for it, like I wanted to be. It's gonna be a smurf-day to remember :o)  I have a whole list of stuff to do, so it's giong to just have to come together this week!

For my anniversary, my husband got me the FQ set of Joel Dewberry's newest fabric line Heirloom.  All 3 colorways!  I love his fabric, it just always appeals to me.  Anyhow, I have been wanting to make a quilt for my bed lately, but always seem to get stumped when it comes to the colors, pattern, etc.  Enter Heirloom and Swoon.  This pattern uses 2 FQs per block (plus neutral background fabric) and, let's face it, it's just a pretty pattern!

I'm loving this pattern!!  I finished the first block and can't wait to make the rest!


  1. Hope you feel like your ol' self, soon. Love the swoon block. It's on my list to do.

  2. I think you have what I had 2 weeks ago. I hope you do feel better for the party. I love this pattern! It's going to look awesome in Heirloomm

  3. oh wow - this is great!! Love the subtleness of the gold in the multi-color block. Beautiful!

  4. Loving your Swoon blocks. I'll be making this soon and can't wait!


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