Wednesday, May 4, 2011

How to Fix Headbands that Slip

My girls LOVE headbands....they really do!  It is the first thing that goes on their heads each and every day, whether they match or not.  Headbands are great, but a lot of times they slide because of the way our hair grows. Growth patterns on the sides of the head cause the hair to fall forward.  Hence, needing a headband to hold it all back!

Unless you use a metal headband or headbands that pinch behind the ears, you likely have a problem with slippy headbands as well.  So, how do you fix this problem?  There are a couple of solutions I would like to share here!

One way to fix this is to apply the rough side of a velcro strip (cut to size) to the underside of your headband.  You need to apply a small amount of a strong adhesive such as E6000 that you can buy at any craft store, or something similar.  You can apply with a Q-tip to both the headband and the strip, and hold them together until the bond is secure.  Hot glue seems ideal, but will peel off plastic.

Another solution is something I found a few months back on Etsy and I LOVE them!  I found them at Accessory Place on Etsy and bought several sizes...they are fabulous and inexpensive.  I love this seller, too...she is super fast and has excellent products and customer service.

They have an adhesive side, but that isn't really strong enough to stick well...use the E6000 again to make sure it sticks for good!

10 pcs of 4mm X 175mm No Ouch(Soft) and No Slip Flexible Rubber Teeth Strip W/ Adhesive Backing in Black and White for Headband Making

I hope this has helped you...just a tip I thought I would share today!

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